DRG4's X-Men: TAS Page Presents:
The Original Version of Out of the Past

The X-MEN two-parter OUT OF THE PAST had to be heavily reanimated prior to its original airing since the animators drew Lady Deathstrike's shirt in a very "revealing" fashion. Bootleg copies of the original versions of the episodes were known to exist somewhere, but no one was ever able to find them. Until now. Below you will find an exclusive image from the original version of OUT OF THE PAST, PART ONE. This is the first time that media from this original version has ever appeared anywhere. I'll have more media up soon (including image comparisons between the two versions like on my NO MUTANT IS AN ISLAND PAGE), but for now, enjoy the first image from this uncensored version of the episode.

Feel free to link to this page, but please don't steal the image or link to it directly since it'll use up my bandwidth (graciously provided by dancemania-ex.COM) and I'll have to take it down.

Original Version of Lady Deathstrike from "Out of the Past"

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