Facing the Shocker

Seeing how you won't be able to follow a helicopter that well, you decide to stay and fight Shocker. He repeatedly fires his vibro-blasts at you, not giving you enough time to attack. You realize that being out in the open gives him room to attack, so you decide that the only way to defeat him would be to get him indoors, where he has less room to manuver. Unfortunately, each time you try to fire a web-line, Shocker blasts it. A few seconds later, you're hit and collapse onto the ground. Shocker bursts out laughing and starts walking towards you, saying that he'll keep your mask as a souvenir!

Right before he starts to take it off you, you fire a web-line at a nearby fire hydrant. You tug, and a blast of water comes out that hits Shocker. Due to the fact that his suit is electrical, the Shocker "gets shocked." You rest a minute, then get up and web Shocker. He wakes up, and you ask him to tell you who he's working for. He says, "I might as well tell ya, since you can't do anything about it. I'm working for Kingpin. He has a plot to destroy you! Rhino and Hammerhead were assigned the jobs of getting the parts that Landon needed for his device. I was the helicopter in case you showed....up....." You try to get him to talk but he's passed out. Unfortunately, that little chat didn't help. It just added more questions.


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