(Episode 24)

Written by Francis Moss, Ted Pederson, & Greg Johnson
Originally Broadcast on February 10, 1996

One of the Mandarin's missing rings is in the desert, where it adversely reacts to solar energy, creating rifts in time, one of which snares Julia, who disappears. Iron Man recovers the ring with Dr. Bruce Banner, but they are attacked by robots who steal the ring and deliver it to The Leader. The Leader now has two rings and wants to use them to go back in time to murder the young Bruce Banner and take his place when the Gamma bomb detonates, giving him the Hulk's strength. But Iron Man, Rhodes and Banner have located The Leader's hideaway. In the struggle for one of the rings, Iron Man and Hulk disappear in a time rift. While the Hulk and Iron Man fight, Rhodes and HOMER force the Leader to bring them back. Instead, the Leader leaps through a portal with the other ring and attempts to complete his plan.


A sequel to this episode occurs on the INCREDIBLE HULK show when Bruce Banner encounters Iron Man in Los Angeles, California in the episode IRON HAND, IRON FIST.


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