DRG4's X-Men: TAS Video Clips

The following are video clips from the show that I made myself. You'll need REALPLAYER to watch them. Please don't link directly to the clips because it will use up my bandwidth and I'll have to take them down. If you have any suggestions for future video clips, E-MAIL ME and I'll see what I can do.

Special thanks to ShdwRlm3 of WARIO COMPANY for hosting the video clips. Be sure to check out his site.


The Final Decision

Rogue searches for Gambit

Red Dawn

Omega Red strikes

X-Ternally Yours

Gambit's wife returns

Cold Comfort

Wolverine VS Iceman

Orphan's End

The truth revealed


Phoenix Saga Part 1

Dark Shroud

Phoenix Saga Part 2

Cry of the Banshee

Phoenix Saga Part 3

The Starjammers

Phoenix Saga Part 4

Child of Light

Phoenix Saga Part 5

Days of Future Past, Part 2

Senator Kelly's kidnapper revealed.

Reunion, Part 2

Cyclops takes on Mr. Sinister.

Dark Phoenix Saga, Part 2: The Inner Circle

Wolverine takes on the Hellfire Club.

Xavier Remembers

Xavier has a hallucination, courtesy of the Shadow King.

Graduation Day

The final scene of the series.

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