Other X-Men Appearances

The X-Men have appeared on quite a few of the other Marvel cartoons.

Fantastic Four

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The X-Men team appeared in their civilian outfits in the season 2 episode "Nightmare in Green." They showed up when Johnny Storm and Rick Jones were going around the city in the Pogo Plane. The Juggernaut appeared briefly a second afterword, so they were probably looking for him.


All of the X-Men appeared in the season 2 episodes "Mutant Agenda" and "Mutant's Revenge." Storm also guest-starred during season 5 of Spider-Man, during the Secret Wars 3 parter. She was not voiced by Alison-Sealy Smith, but instead, by Iona Morris, the original voice of Storm.

Silver Surfer

This doesn't really count, but many of the X-Men voice actors supplied voices to the Silver Surfer cartoon. Some of them are: Norm Spencer (Cyclops) did Drax, Cedric Smith (Xavier) did Mentor, Alyson Smith (Jubilee) voiced Amber, James Blendik (Apocalypse) voiced Galactus, Don Francks (Sabretooth) voiced a Kree soldier, David Hemblin (Magneto) voiced a Skrull soldier, Mark Strange (Forge) voiced Lord Glenn, Alison Sealy-Smith (Storm II) voiced Gamora, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

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