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Mistakes occur easily in animated cartoon shows due to the sheer volume of cels and drawing involved. The X-MEN cartoon has it's own fair share of goofs that remain in the episodes airing today.

If you are aware of any goofs that aren't documented here, E-MAIL ME with the info and I'll get them up.


Night of the Sentinels

Rogue's hair and Gambit's eyes are colored incorrectly in these shots.

Night of the Sentinels, Part 2

The guard's hair changes from black to red after Rogue catches him.

Enter Magneto

Professor Xavier's tie changes from blue to yellow between frames. It's a very easy goof to spot.

Captive Hearts

Gambit's eyes are colored incorrectly in this shot.

Cold Vengeance

Wolverine's arms are colored yellow in this shot.

Come the Apocalypse

Storm's communicators are missing in this shot.

Beauty and the Beast

The color of Beast's coat changes to white for one shot.

Time Fugitives, Part 1

This is probably more of an in-joke than a goof, but War Machine appears in the beginning of this episode as one of the robots that Cable battles with in the future. I'm guessing that went ahead and included him since his design was already created for his cameo appearance later in the episode.


Hank McCoy is mispelled as Hank "MaCoy." This was probably the fault of the foreign animators misreading the storyboards.

Reunion, Part 1

The grey dinosaur suddenly turns orange on the close-up shot.

Reunion, Part 1

Professor Xavier's gloves appear and then disappear when the angle changes.

Reunion, Part 1

Gambit's eyes are not colored correctly when Professor Xavier thinks of the X-Men.

Out of the Past, Part 1

Gambit is colored blue instead of black in this shot.

The Phoenix Saga

Lilandra's armor disappears between the end of part two and the beginning of part three.

Child of Light

Gambit's neck-piece is colored incorrectly.

Savage Land, Strange Heart, Part 2

Storm's communicators are missing in this shot.


Apocalypse's jaw is colored incorrectly in this shot. It should be blue instead of his flesh color.

Weapon X, Lies, & Videotape

This is a special video goof which you can download by clicking on the picture above. In this scene, the animators messed up and had Wolverine's dialogue come out of Sabretooth's mouth and Sabretooth's dialogue come out of Wolverine's mouth. It's pretty interesting to see, and it remains intact in the reruns today.

Beyond Good & Evil, Part 4: The End of Time

This frame remains in the version of this episode seen today. The editor forgot to remove it before broadcast.

The Phalanx Covenant, Part 2

Forge's mustache appears and disappears throughout the scene.

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