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Latest Updates

Wednesday, January 31, 2007: Important update today. Larry Brody, the creator of the show (and who also wrote most of the episodes), has graciously offered to answer your questions about the show. So if there's anything that you'd like to ask him, E-MAIL ME before February 16 and I'll make sure your questions get to him.

Saturday, July 8, 2006: Today is the ten-year anniversary of DRG4's MARVEL CARTOON PAGES, so to commemorate that I've added summaries for the next two episodes from the unproduced second season. Check out THE LOST EPISODES page to read them.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006: I've updated the ANIMATED GIFs PAGE with a bunch of new files, so check it out. I'll have some more LOST EPISODE summaries for the next update.

Thursday, March 23, 2006: I've added summaries of the next two episodes from the unproduced second season, so check out THE LOST EPISODES page to read them.

Thursday, February 9, 2006: There's a new section on the site today, the SILVER SURFER ANIMATED GIFs PAGE. It features animated GIFs from the show that I made. I think they turned out pretty well, so check them out. I'll be adding more to the section as time goes by.

Saturday, December 10, 2005: Monumental update today. I've got a new section up on the site today that has been in demand for years, THE LOST EPISODES page. As it's name suggests, it features detailed summaries of the episodes that were written for the unproduced second season of the show. As of now, you can find summaries for the first two episodes, but I'll be adding to the section as time goes by, so keep checking back. Special thanks to Jason for his invaluable assistance.

Wednesday, November 2, 2005: There's a new feature on the site today, SILVER SURFER ICONS. These are WINDOWS icons that I made of the characters from the show. You can download the first icon pack below. It features the Silver Surfer, Norrin Radd, Galactus, Nova, Thanos, and Death.

If you have any suggestions for future icon packs, E-MAIL ME and I'll see what I can do.

August 8, 2005: Big update today. First of all, there's a new opening picture here on the main page of the site (which you can see above). Secondly, there's an all-new section on the site, SILVER SURFER PROMOS. The page features promos from when the show was originally airing on the FOX KIDS Network, so check it out. I'll be adding more as time goes by.

7-20-05: Site has been revamped again. Expect more siginificant updates soon.

11-6-04: I've revamped the frame and the episode guide pages, so check out the new designs. Thanks to Jim Harvey for the suggestions. Expect some more redesigns in the future.

8-12-04: The BEHIND THE SCENES section has been redesigned, and there's a brand-new article about the making of the show to go along with the redesign, so check it out.

5-29-04: All of the screen captures from the episodes are back up on the episode pages, so each episode page now has a bunch of pictures to go with it.

3-12-04: The "Episode Guide" pages have been turned back to the old format. Each episode now has its own separate page with pictures, summaries, and notes. Post your thoughts on the format in the message board. The next step is getting all of the pictures back online.

3-2-04: Updated the frame to a new format. We'll see how it works.

7-1-03: There are two new sections on the site today. The first is called "Behind the Scenes," which is an article about the making of the show that I hand-typed from an old magazine. Also, there's a brand-new message board. Both of the new section can be accessed from the frame at left.

6-28-03: I increased the sizes of the episode pictures to a much bigger format. Let me know what you think.

8-30-02: Well, there's lots of important news today. First of all, I've fixed the picture problem. Every episode has at least one picture from that episode to go along with its summary. Second of all, I do NOT have video clips on this site anymore. I don't have any webspace to put them, so please don't e-mail me asking for video clips.

8-26-02: The Video Clips are not online anymore since I have no where to put them.

3-12-00: This is just a test to see if my new publishing program works. If you're reading this, that means it worked.

9-17-99: IMPORTANT NEWS! As most of you know, the SS cartoon was cancelled due to Marvel's bankruptcy problems and fighting with Saban. Only 13 episodes, rounding out the first season, were animated. HOWEVER, more episodes were written past those 13, that were to be animated for the second season. Larry Brody, the head writer, story editor, and etc., wrote all of them, and the scripts have been on his hard drive waiting to be read. WELL, I've bought copies of those eight "lost episodes," and I'm one of the only people besides Mr. Brody who has them. Expect REALLY DETAILED summeries of the episodes with quotes and etc. soon. I can't put up the full scripts since it'll break copyright laws and such, but I'm working on fixing that.

7-28-99: The HUGE update is here. Basically, what I did, was that I've given each of the 13 episodes their own seperate pages. Each one has screenshots, summeries, and various notes from the episodes. That should help reduce the long loading times, which people have been complaining (you know who you are) about. 7-27-99: There's going to be a huge update tomorrow. It's going to be pretty big.

7-10-99: Two things today. First off, does anyone know of any good video capture cards? I want to make RealVideo files of the episodes, and I need a good video card in order to do so. Also, if I were to make files of the episodes, is there anyone out there with a domain name who would be willing to host them for me? The web-providers I use won't allow files that are that big, so if anyone can help me, please E-MAIL ME.

7-1-99: The season 1 episode guide is COMPLETELY FINISHED. I just put up pictures from the "Forever War" episode, which is the most sought-after out of all thirteen episodes. Since there are no more screen captures to make, I'll concentrate on other areas for this site. I'll get to work on a sounds page.

6-30-99: "End of Eternity" pictures are now up in the season one episode guide. Only one more episode left to put up.

6-29-99: The interview with Geoffrey Kater is now up. Read it in the new "Interviews and Articles" section, located in the frame.

6-28-99: "Return to Zenn-La" pictures are up in the episode guide.

6-27-99: There are now screen shots up from "Radical Justice."

6-24-99: Added screen captures from "Second Foundation."

6-23-99: Updated the episode guide with pictures from "Antibody."

6-22-99: Two things today. First off, I added screen captures from "Innvervision." Also, expect an interview with Geoffrey Kater, the head CGI guy in charge of creating the ships on the show, very shortly. I already interviewed him, but right now I'm working on editing it.

6-20-99: Finally, the season 1 episode guide has been updated. There are now pictures from "Learning Curve Part One" and "Learning Curve Part Two." Expect really frequent updates until I've finished the episode guide completely.

5-31-99: I've been thinking about it, and I need opinions from some of you people. Should I make video files of all the episodes and upload them so everyone can see them, or should I just sell them? If I was to go the video file route, does anyone know of a good program to use? E-mail me if you can help.

5-21-99: Expect a screen capture update shortly. Also, thanks to Eddie for supplying me with the two episodes I needed to complete my collection. I'll be able to eventually finish the episode guide.

4-10-99: New screen captures from "The Planet of Dr. Moreau" are now up in the season 1 section. Go there to see them. Also, I want to extend thanks to "Duncan" for helping me get copies of some of the episodes I needed.

2-28-99: I've finally updated the page again. Now, there are new screen captures from the other two parts of "Origin of the Silver Surfer." Go to the season 1 episode guide to see them.

2-1-99: The following is a request. Is there anyone out there who has good, clear copies of "Radical Justice," "The Forever War," "Return to Zenn-La," and "The End of Eternity part 1" on tape? In addition, if you have all those, do you have access to screen capture making programs like Snappy? My copies of those episodes, not counting Forever War (which I don't have), are in pretty lousy condition, and I'm looking for people who can help me with those. E-mail me if you can help, and I'll be sure to give you credit.

1-17-99: Expect a major update to the page REALLY soon.

12-27-98: Pictures from the "Origin of the Silver Surfer Part 1" put up. More screen captures to come.