Herbert Landon


Real Name: Herbert Landon

Episode Appearances
Season 2: The Mutant Agenda, Mutants' Revenge
Season 3: The Ultimate Slayer, The Spot, Goblin War!
Season 4: Guilty, The Cat, The Black Cat, The Awakening, The Vampire Queen
Season 5: The Wedding, Six Forgotten Warriors Parts 1 & 3

Voiced by: David Warner


Born in England, Herbert Landon moved to New York where he was hired by the Brand Corporation.  Later on, he became a henchman of the Kingpin.  Kingpin liked him, but Alistair Smythe hated him.  Later, he hired Genevieve St. Clair as his assistant, but he didn't know that she kept the secret of being a mutant.  He tried to kill the Hobgoblin and later he kidnapped his friend Hank McCoy (a.k.a. the Beast) as his experiment, but Landon's life winded up being changed forever.  When he saw the Hobgoblin had stolen the disc containing his life's work, he chased after him and accidentally fell into his own experiment.  He managed to get out alive, but he turned into a 50-foot monster that fed on electrical energy.  However, he was drained away from electrical energy and saved by Spider-Man, X-Men, and Genevieve.

After that ordeal, Landon went back to his old self, although now half his body served as a reminder of what he had turned into.  Kingpin soon hired Landon as Smythe's replacement.  Landon winded up turning Smythe into THE ULTIMATE SLAYER and, after Dr. Octopus kidnapped Felicia Hardy, turned Felicia Hardy into THE BLACK CAT.