Spider-Man Sounds: Guest-Stars



Spider-Man:"Nice tracking, Wolvie. Only problem is there's no exit!"
Wolverine:"Then I'll just have to make one. RRAHH!"

Various Spider-Men


Spider-Man:"This is starting to sound like a bad comic book plot!"
Scarlet Spider:"It gets worse!"


Spider-Man:"I don't believe what you're telling me! In your reality, I'm a character in fiction?!"
Powerless Spider-Man:"Yup, and I'm the actor who plays you on TV. But there's someone here I knew you had to meet. He's the man who created you, for fans all over the world!"

Madame Web & The Beyonder


Spider-Man:"What are you preparing me for anyway?"
Madame Web:"A horror! A horror beyond belief!"
Spider-Man:"Great. Real glad I asked."


Spider-Man:"I've had it with you, Beyonder! I want some real answers! Who's responsible for this devastation? Who?"
Beyonder:"You are, Spider-Man. You are!"


Spider-Man:"Well, Madame Web, where to now?"
Madame Web:"Face front, true believer! We're going to find the real Mary Jane Watson! It has been a long, hard journey, and I think you're finally entitled to some happiness."

Spider-Man: "Amen to that, dear lady. Amen to that..."

Iron Man & War Machine


Spider-Man:"Hey, that belongs to Stark Industries!"
Iron Man:"If Tony Stark has a problem, he can take it up with me!"


Iron Man:"That was for War Machine! This is for me!"


Spider-Man:"I owe you one, Iron Man. Thanks!"
Iron Man:"Don't mention it. Any friend of War Machine's is a friend of mine. Come on, let's see if we can catch him!"


War Machine:"Tony, I'm sorry I let you down."
Tony Stark:"Nonsense, my friend. You softened them up. Now I'm going to send someone in to finish the job."
Spider-Man:"Who's he gonna send?"
War Machine:"The guy named Iron Man!"

Dr. Strange & Wong


Spider-Man:"Who are you, anyway?"
Dr. Strange:"I am Dr. Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts!"
Spider-Man:"He should take that act to Vegas. All he needs is a couple of tigers!"


Dr. Strange:"Here we are again, Wong. About to leap into the unknown to fight the deadliest battle of our lives!"
Wong:"Exciting, is it not, doctor?"
Dr. Strange:"It is."
Spider-Man:"No offense, but you guys are really weird."


Spider-Man:"Looks like they're closed for the night."
Dr. Strange:"I invoke the Hosts of Hogoth!"
Spider-Man:"Remind me to call you if I ever lose my housekey."


Wong:"What in the name of the Vishanti?"


Wong:"It has been a pleasure fighting by your side, Spider-Man."
Dr. Strange:"You are a worthy ally in the battle against darkness. May the Vishanti watch over thee."
Spider-Man:"And may your amulets never tickle."

Stan Lee


Stan Lee:"Gee, you're definitely not the same guy I've been writing about all these years."
Spider-Man:"Well, Stan, we all have to grow up sometimes, I suppose. Even us characters of fiction!"

Blade the Vampire Hunter


Blade, the Vampire Hunter:"The cries of the nightstalker are like music to my ears!"

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