Spider-Man Sounds: The Villains

Dr. Octopus


Aunt May:"A doctor?! It's about Peter, isn't it?! I knew he looked ill! Where is he?!"
Dr. Octopus:"Uh...Peter collapsed on the street. Fortunately, it was near my clinic."
Aunt May:"Good heavens! Take me to him!"
Dr. Octopus:"But of course!"


Dr. Octopus:"Excuse me, my dear. I am needed in surgery, but I'll be back!"
Aunt May:"What a nice man."

The Green Goblin


Green Goblin:"But a good goblin never falls for the same trick twice!"



Cletus Kassidy:"What are you waiting for? I am yours man! We're gonna wreck glorious carnage throughout the land!"
Baron Mordo:"Carnage, eh? I like the sound of that. You've promised us carnage. Deliever it!"
Carnage:"Kassidy is gone! There is only...Carnage!"


Carnage:"Dad! Ready for some father-son quality time? Between the two of us, there won't be enough left of Spider-Man to fit in a matchbox, but we'll try, won't we?!"



Eddie Brock:"I've heard so much about you."
Peter Parker:"Eddie and I...have to have a little talk, Aunt May.

Eddie Brock: "Be seeing you, ma'am!"
Aunt May: "What a nice man. So polite."


Venom:"You think YOU can stop US?"
Spider-Man:"Maybe not them, smiley, but I can! I did it before, and so help me, I'll do it again!"
Venom:"We remember! That was all we could think about as we traveled the endless reaches of outer-space!"


Venom:"Who said we hate you? Fact is, we're your biggest fan!"


Venom:"...introduce you to our better half. We call ourselves...Venom!"


Spider-Man:"I've got another idea! You think you and Iron Man can hold them off without me?"
Venom/Eddie Brock:"Heh. Who needs you at all?"


Eddie Brock:"Hey, you, shut up!"
Cletus Kassidy:"Hey man, I could eat you for breakfast!"
Eddie Brock:"Oh yeah? Well, I'd give you indigestion, man!"



Shocker:"What do you take us for, fools? I'm shocked, and you're gonna be too!"


Shocker:"Time to take your medicine, you fly-eating fool! And my shock therapy's just what the doctor ordered!"



Rhino:"Get ready for the Rhino's charge!"

The Insidious Six


Scorpion:"Make way for the Scorpion!"
Dr. Octopus:"Back off, you pea-brained, uncoordinated, absurdly-dressed excuse for a man!"
Scorpion:"Who are you calling absurdly-dressed?"


Shocker:"The Shocker is alive!"
Scorpion:"The Scorpion, too! Alive...and stinging!"
Mysterio:"And I can resume my leading role of Mysterio! Now let's disappear!"


Mysterio:"No more illusions, Spider-Man!"
Rhino:"We're real, and we got you at last!"
Chameleon as Aunt May:"Oh, you poor dear! Ready for the end...my pretty?! HAHAHA!"


Dr. Octopus:"Why here? Why this roof?"
Peter Parker:"Well, it's big. He can see if I'm alone or not. He doesn't really trust me."
Dr. Octopus:"Why does he meet with you at all?"
Peter Parker:"I think he likes to see his picture in the paper. He needs all the PR he can get, right?"


Rhino:"Whadda you know? All this time Spider-Man was really a robot!"
Dr. Octopus:"Neanderthal! That wasn't the real Spider-Man! It was an obvious fake!"


Kingpin:"It is time to proceed! Unmask him! Doctor, the honors are yours!"
Dr. Octopus:"Spider-Man is...Peter Parker?!"

Baron Mordo


Baron Mordo:"Carnage, release the contents of the urn!"

J. Jonah Jameson


J. Jonah Jameson:"It's all your fault those freaks got that device, Stark! Your security-staff is incompetent, and rude too!"
Tony Stark:"They just have a low tolerance for yellow journalism!"
J. Jonah Jameson:"Yellow?! How dare you use that kind of language in description of me!"


J. Jonah Jameson: (gasps)
SHIELD agent:"Just be calm, Mr. Jameson, and no harm will come to you."
Peter Parker:"Maybe you forgot to pay your last tailor's bill?"


J. Jonah Jamesons:"You!  I was right about you all along, but I never dreamed you'd go this far!"
Spider-Man:"I'd love to hear your whole tirade, but not right now!"



Spider-Carnage:"Now I see what's been taking those idiot goblins so long! I wondered when you'd turn up again, dear clone! And in MY costume no less!
Spider-Man:"That voice! He sounds just like me!"


Spider-Carnage:"And I just want to say, that I intend to see that you all get from me what you deserve."
Spider-Man:"And I'm going to see that you get what you deserve!"



Morbius:"My face! Skin translucent! Nasal stretcher distorted! I have got to reverse this! There is something else...I feel a hunger!"

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