DRG4's Spider-Man: TAS Page Presents:
The Original, Unaired Opening Sequence

Finding the right opening credits sequence for an animated series is a very important task. MECURY ZEITGEIST was hired to produce one for SPIDER-MAN back in 1994. Shawn Van Briesen, Jim Peebles, and James Bauer produced a forty-five second animation reel of all-new animation (since clips from the show were not available yet). Van Briesen animated the Hobgoblin, Venom, Doc Ock, Kingpin, and the spider-bite sections.

Unfortunately, the producers passed on their opening sequence and a diferent one was used for the series. The only segments that remained from this original reel were two seconds of Peter Parker's spider-bite and the ending bit with Venom.

Below are pictures of the sequence, as well as link to the clip itself. Special thanks to Shawn Van Briesen for providing his reflections on the clip. His work can currently be found at VBI STUDIOS. Also, thanks to "The Spidey-Guy" for finding the clip and telling me about the clip.

Click on the Spider-Man logo below to watch the clip. QUICKTIME PLAYER is required.

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