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Hawkeye:"You're crazy!"
Iron Man:"Crazy? That's entirely possible."


Beetle:"Heh heh heh heh. Where's your security? Don't 'cha know anybody can fly in and steel this thing?"
Iron Man:"Sorry Beetle, but you're in for a hard day's night!"


Iron Man:"Stilt-Man, looks like you don't have a leg to stand on!"


Hawkeye:"It's just you and me, Iron Man. Like I've always wanted!"
Iron Man:"Don't get in my way, Hawk! I've started something.....and I have to finish."
Hawkeye:"Oh, it's finished alright!"


Nick Fury:"We're past talking, pal! You shut down Iron Man, or SHIELD will shut down Stark Enterprises period!"


Jim Rhodes:"Fury, I'm telling you man! He's not here!"
Nick Fury:"Don't feed me that front office garbage! I'm gonna see Stark, and I mean now!"


Iron Man:"Oh, call me reckless, but I also accidently erased everything else in your computers. I hope that won't set Hammer Industries back more than couple, oh, three years."


Justin Hammer:"Give your pretty-boy employer this message, Iron Man! I'm not through with him yet!"
Iron Man:"I'm sure he's shaking in his booties."


Iron Man:"Now no one will be able to duplicate the technology you stole, and no one will be harmed by its misuse again!"


Iron Man:"Well, when in doubt, just break it!"


H.O.M.E.R:"Sir, the Vault is a high-security prison for super-criminals, like your recent contributions Whirlwind and Blacklash. The elite unit watching them, known as the Mandroids, are federal agents!"


Iron Man:"Mark Twain once said, "The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated." Iron Man lives!"


H.O.M.E.R:"Sir, was that last action proved?"
Iron Man:"Not particularly, but hey, it worked!"


Jim Rhodes:"H.O.M.E.R!"
H.O.M.E.R:"Yes, Mr. Rhodes?"
Rhodes:"If Tony decides to "redecorate" any other rooms, call us?"


H.O.M.E.R:"Sir, if my analysis is correct, thirteen seconds remain until the fuel is spent and the neutron bomb goes off. Tweleve..."
Iron Man:"H.O.M.E.R! That's not helping!"


Modok:"I said you have to carry me!"
Jim Rhodes:"We said we'd help you, not adopt you! Now you just keep your mouth shut, and we'll be back soon."


War Machine:"Okay, Robin Hood! Tony's in there somewhere!"
Hawkeye:"Oh, of course he is. He goes in alone, gets in deep, we save his bacon, and then he goes off alone again. Now there's the makings of a great leader!"


Iron Man:"I don't get it, Modok! He treats you like dirt, and you still stick around!"
Modok:"I can't help it! Mandarin makes me happy. I like him!"


Century:"Ah, I have finally arrived! I must say, I miss Parralax. Without my depleted staff, time and space are rather daunting!"


Mandarin:"Tony Stark....How glorious! How perfect! How....obvious."


Mandarin:"You will learn to respect the demands of the Mandarin's new world, or you won't live to enjoy its glorious darkness!"

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