Other Iron Man Appearances

Iron Man appeared on many of the other Marvel cartoons. They are as follows:

The Incredible Hulk

Iron Man, War Machine, and HOMER also guest-starred on the season 1 episode of the Hulk, entitled "Helping Hand, Iron Fist." In the episode, Bruce Banner traveled to the Stark Labs in LA to seek a cure for his deadly transformation. However, General Ross was right on his tail. Iron Man appeared in the Hulkbuster armor in this episode.

Fantastic Four


Although he never spoke, Iron Man had a few cameos in a few of the Fantastic Four episodes, including the season 2 episodes "To Battle the Living Planet" and "Doomsday."


Iron Man and War Machine both appeared on Spider-Man, but Iron Man appeared in more than one storyline. They both appeared in the two part season 3 episodes that brought back Venom and introduced Carnage. While Robert Hays voiced Iron Man, War Machine was voiced by James Avery, the original voice of War Machine.  I assume that Dorian Harewood would have done it, but he had already done Spider-Man previously as the villain Tombstone. Iron Man also appeared on the season 5 three parter, entitled the Secret Wars.

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