The Mutant Agenda: The Story of Herbert Landon


Chapter 1


It began in London, November, 1962, owned the British Brand Corporation, British-Australian business, named Nathan Landon. He'd just finished his job and went home to his British wife, Martha.

At Landon's mansion, Nathan got home and Martha walked toward him and told him a terrible news.

"Nathan, I had some bad news", Martha cried.

"What is it my love?", Nathan asked.

"The doctor said I can not having a baby", she cried as she hugged Nathan.

Later that night, they won't give up to had a baby until they heard a knocking on their front door and there it was, a German woman died from the gunshot wound, but the baby was survived without a scratch.

"Nathan, call an ambulance", she said while she was holding the baby.

Martha read the letter of a German woman and it said:

"As you reading this, I'm been abused by my husband, Jurgan, for a year, but please, take care my son. He'll never end up like his father.



Shortly after an ambulance left, Martha and Nathan were thinking the names for the baby boy and Martha said "We can him Robert, or Stephen, or David."

"No my love", said Nathan. "We can name him Herbert".

"Why?", she asked.

"Because, this is a perfect name for our son", he said.

"All right, Herbert it is", she said.

Chapter 2


In the present day, at the X-Men's house, a man was half human, half mutant was watching "Maury" on T.V. about women who were brutally attacked by their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends.

He used a telephone to call Maury and said "Hello, is this Maury?"

"Yes, it is", said Maury. "Can I help you?"

"I was brutally attacked by the Hobgoblin", said the man. "And I'll be the first man who was brutally attacked by a criminal."

"Sir' what your name?" asked Maury.

"Herbert Landon", he introduced.

One month earlier, in London, Martha was looking for her adoptive son, Herbert, and here he was, standing infront of Nathan's grave, and said, "Herbert, come on, you'll be late for your flight."

Landon walked away from the grave and he was all grown up.

In the cab, he and Martha were sitting in the back, talking and he said, "I didn't know why I have to go to New York to work at the Brand Corporation."

"Because, that's what your father's will said", said Martha.

At the airport, they hugged and he said, "Thank you for raising me and good things after all these years Martha, mother."

"Now go on", she said. "You'll miss your flight."

And he walked away from Martha.

On the airplane, Landon had a letter from Harry Osborn, he opened the letter, and said:

"Will Dr. Landon can have my late farher's apartment? It'll be perfect for the heir of the Brand Corporation.


Harry Osborn"

In New York, Landon arrived, he was looking for the cab, asking for Norman Osborn's apartment, and he got on.

He was looking at the window in Manhatten and he saw a beautiful blonde woman and drove away.

He arrived at Norman Osborn's apartment, looked around and the saleswoman said, "It's hard for Norman Osborn's son."

"I know," said Landon. "I heard he was murdered by Spider-Man. Why, is Spider-Man a mutant?"

"I'm not sure he is or not", said the saleswoman.

"So, do you like it?"

"Yes", said Landon. "How much?"

"It'll be three hundred dollars", she said.

Landon wrote thre hundred on his check and said, "I'll take it."

He gave her a thre hundred dollar check and she left.

Afterward, he went to many furniture stores he liked, he got rid of Norman Osborn's furnitures he don't like, he called the apartment designers so they can redecorated Norman Osborn's apartment, perfectly, he got a perfectly fancy furnitures, like King Louis' and King Georges', he bought chinas, like Catherine the Great's and Marie Antionette"s, he bought paintings, Vincent Van Goeh"s and Monet's, he hired many servants he liked, and he was relaxing, sitting beside by the fireplace in the living room.

Chapter 3


The next day, Landon was writing an invitations to Harry Osborn, J. Jonah Jameson, Anastasia Hardy, and Wilson Fisk and mail it.

Harry Osborn called Mary Jane Watson and said, "Hey M. J., I'm going to welcome home party, owned by the Brand Corporation's Herbert Landon, want to come?" Mary Jane said, "Sure, but when?" "This Saturday at 8:00 P. M."

Anastasia Hardy talked to her daughter, Felicia and said, "Herbert Landon is having a welcome home party, would you like to come with me? Is on Saturday at 8:00 P. M." "Yes, mother, said Felicia. "Can I bring my date?" "Of course."

Wilson Fisk read the invitation and said, "A new businessman is having a party this Saturday at 8:00 P. M. I bet he'll be working for me, the Kingpin", and he laughed.

J. Jonah Jameson said, "Parker, I'm going to the welcome home party this Saturday at 8:00 P. M. and you'll coming with me and bring a camera with you. Is that clear?" "Yes sir", said Peter.

Landon went to the Brand Corporation, so he can find an assistant and found one, the same beautiful blonde hair woman from the street yesterday.

"Hello", said the blonde woman. "Are you Herbert Landon?" "Yes it is", he said and she introduced, "My name is Genevieve St. Clair."

"I saw you on the street yestreday", said Landon. "Really?" And I saw you in the p; Wilson Fisk read the invitation and said, "A new businessman is having a party this Saturday at 8:00 P. M. I bet he'll be working for me, the Kingpin", and he laughed.

J. Jonah Jameson said, "Parker, I'm going to the welcome home party this Saturday at 8:00 P. M. and you'll coming with me and bring a camera with you. Is that clear?" "Yes sir", said Peter.

Landon went to the Brand Corporation, so he can find an assistant and found one, the same beautiful blonde hair woman from the street yesterday.

"Hello", said the blonde woman. "Are you Herbert Landon?" "Yes it is", he said and she introduced, "My name is Genevieve St. Clair."

"I saw you on the street yestreday", said Landon. "Really?" And I saw you in the cab", said Genevieve. "Really", said Landon and he asked, "Would you be my assistant?" "Yes", she said.

"I was just thinking, would you like to come to my welcome home party this Saturday at 8:00 P. M. ?" he asked. "All right, I'll check my calendar first"< she said.

On Saturday night, at Landon's apartment, the party was started and everyone were already here.

Harry checked out Landon's apartment and it was original Norman Osborn's apartment was fully redecorated.

"My father owned his apartment, but I like your fancy taste", he said. "Thank you", said Landon. "And I'm sorry about your father, he was a good man." "Thank you", he said. "Oh, I'm sorry, this is my girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson." "Hello", said Mary Jane. "Such a nice beautiful young woman", said Landon. "Thank you", she said.

"Well, we better get going, so nice meeting you, sir", said Harry. "And nice meting you Harry and Ms. Watson", said Landon as Harry and Mary Jane left.

Landon walked toward Genevieve and asked, "Having nice time?" "Yes", said Genevieve. "Thank you, Dr. Landon." "Please, call me Herbert", he said. "All right, Herbert." "Dr. Landon!" shouted the Kingpin. "Excuse me," he said as he walked away from her.

"You must be Wilson Fisk," he said. "Yes," said the Kingpin. "Can we talk outside?" "Of course," he said as they went outside.

"Mr. Fisk...", he said. "please, call me the Kingpin", said the Kingpin. "All right, Kingpin, what do you want?" he asked. "I'm starting a busines tomorrow and you'll be my henchman", said the Kingpin. "I don't know", he said. "All right." "Good, you'll come to my office about your firstassignment", said the Kingpin as they went back inside.

Three hours later, the party was over, "I had a nice time, tonight, Herbert", said Genevieve. "Thank you Genevieve, I'll see you tomorrow", he said. "You too", she said. "Goodnight.""Goodnight", he said as she left.

Chapter 4


The next day, Landon went to Kingpin's hideout and said, "All right Kingpin, whencan I start?" "You'll start free the Chameleon", said the Kingpin.

"This is Alistair Smythe", said the Kingpin. "Hello", said Smythe. "This is Dr. Herbert Landon, he'll help you to free nine henchmen", said the Kingpin. "But Kingpin, Landon is German", said Smythe. "You mean he's British-German, Smythe", said the Kingpin. "If you wanted to free your nine henchmen, then do it yourself", said Smythe as he drove away.

The Kingpin said, "I'm sorry, Smythe is upset." "Why?" asked Landon. "Because his father was killed inthe Oscorp explosion", said the Kingpin. "I'm sorry to hear that", said Landon. "So, can we get started?" "Of course", said the Kingpin.

At the airlift prison, the man was called the Chamenleon heard a noise and it was a mechanical little bug and it was Landon communicated the Chameleon and gave the Chameleon his belt back, so he could change whatever he liked and escaped.

At Rooker's Island Prison, The Chameleon helped Hammerhead and Tombstone escape.

At New York State Pen., the Chameleon, Hammerhead, and Tombstone helped Dr. Octopus, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Scorpion, The Shocker, and the Vulture escap and headed to the Kingpin's hideout.

At the Kingpin's hideout, Landon said, "I have to go to the Brand Corporation." "All right, you may go", said the Kingpin as Landon left and the helicopter arrived.

"The Chameleon, Dr. Octopus, Hammerhead, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Scorpion, The Shocker, Tombstone, and the Vulture, welcome", said the Kingpin.

"Who said that?" asked Dr. Octopus as the Kingpin walked toward them and said, "I'm Wilson Fisk and you can call me the Kingpin."

"I heard so much about you", said Hammerhead. "So did I", said Mysterio. "So did I", said the Rhino. "So did I", said the Scorpion. "So did I", said the Shocker. "So did I", said Tombstone. "So did I", said the Vulture.

"Then join hands", said the Kingpin while he sticked out his right hand, the Chameleon, Hammerhead, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Scorpion, The Shocker, Tombstone, and the Vulture join him and the Kingpin asked, "Dr. Octopus?"

"Are you out of your mine?" asked Dr. Octopus. "I'm a scientist."

"Are out joining us or not?" asked the Kingpin. "Fine, I can Join you", said Dr. Octcpus while he put his right hand on others' and they can worked together.

Chapter 5


Later that night, Landon came home from work, and working on his life's work.

"How I create the Ultimate Slayer?" he asked to himself while he was working on his computer and he found it.

Then, he worked on the formula for creating mutants and so, he was finally finished the formula and said to himsself, "I've done it."

Afterward, Landon arrived at the Kingpin's hideout and said, "Kingpin, I'd finish the formula, so, we can do it on Smythe."

"That was a great idea", said the Kingpin. "Hammerhead, bring me Smythe." "Why I have to bring Smythe to you?" asked Hammerhead. "Because it's time to cut my losses and make a change", said the Kingpin as Hammerhead walked away from him while getting Symthe.

One hour later, after Hammerhead got Smythe, Smythe was on a metal bed, full of Landon's formula underneath, naked.

"Medulling is a thing from the past Smythe",

said Landon. "Flesh, restricter, and hives holds the key to your future." He pulled a leaver to let the bed go down and said, "The new and improve version of you, that is. And if you once failed, you'll finally succeed." And so, Smythe went down to Landon's formula and became the Ultimate Slayer.

One hour later, the Chameleon, Dr. Octopus, Hammerhead, the Kingpin, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Scorpion, The Shocker, Tombstone, and the Vulture were sitting infront of Landon and his creation and Landon said, "Gentlemen,here it is, Alistair Smythe, also known as, the Ultimate Slayer. He is half human, half mutant, and half cyborg, so he can destroy Spider-Man. Thank you and enjoy." They clapped and Landon went home.

All the way home, in Landon's limo, Landon was sad and said to himself, "My God, what to have I done. I created a monster."

Chapter 6


The next day, Landon went to work, this time, at the Brand Corporation, at his office, he was working a second formula to destroy all mutants, and he heard a knocking on the door.

"Who is it?" he asked. "It's Genevieve", she answered. "Come in", he said as she enter his office.

"What are you working on?" she asked. "I'm working on a formula to destroy all mutants", he said while she was worried and he asked, "Why?" "I'm just wondering", she said as Landon heard his answering machine from the Kingpin.

"Would you like having dinner with tonight?" he asked. "Yes", she said. "Now get back to work", he said. "All right", she said as she left his office.

Genevieve said to herself, "Herbert wants to destroy all mutants, including me, and that means, he found a cure for me."And so, she went back to work.

At Landon's office, while he was on the phone, and said, "All right Kingpin, what do you want?" "Would you like to make a second formula for me? I'm going to make Felicia Hardy a Black Cat, one of us", said the Kingpin. "All right, but this is a last time you beg me for something", said Landon as he hung up the phone.

Afterward, he got home early, he worked on a formula for the Kingpin and he finally finished it and he went to the Kingpin's hideout.

Thirty minutes later, Landon arrived at the Kingpin's hideout and said, "Here you go Kingpin." "Thank you", said the Kingpin.

"Is Felicia Hardy here yet?" Landon asked. "Not yet. Would you like to stay with us tonight?" the Kingpin. "I can't, I'm going to have dinner with my assistant tonight", Landon said as he left the Kingpin's hideout.

Chapter 7


At his apartment, Landon heard a knocking on his door, he opened it, and it was Genevieve.

"Hello", he said. "Hello", she said. "You look beautiful", he said. "So do you", she said. "So, shall we go?" "Yes", he said as they left his apartment.

At the Hardy's apartment, Felicia heard a gunshot, she went to the living room, and it was Dr. Octopus killed Felicia's mother, Anastasia.

"Mother!" Felicia shouted as Dr. Octopus grabbed Felicia and she shouted, "Help!" And so, Dr. Octopus kidnapped Felicia and went back to the Kingpin's hideout.

Meanwhile, Landon and Genevieve went to the fancy restaurant, they ate dinner, and Landon said, "So, what do you think?" "I like it", she said. "So, if you are German, how come you grew up in England?" "When I was a baby, my biological mother died from a gunshot wound, she was murdered by my biological father," he said. "I'm sorry", she said. "I was there, I watched. Couldn't stop him", he continued. "You were a baby", she said. "I was on a doorstep, crying for my life. Nathan and Martha Landon, they raised me. They taught me everything, until my adoptive father's death. So, I came to New York because of my adoptive father's will",

he finished his story. "Let's go to your apartment", she said. "All right", he said as they left the restaurant and went back to his apartment.

At the Kingpin's hideout, Dr. Octopus arrived with Felicia and she asked, "Wilson Fisk, what is a meaning of this?" "You are here, my dear, because you'll become one of us", the Kingpin said as dr. octopus dropped Felicia on the floor and the Kingpin said, "Boys, turned Felicia into the Black Cat." As the Chameleon, Dr. Octopus, Hammerhead, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Scorpion, The Shocker, Smythe, Tombstone, and the Vulture walked toward Felicia. "No, no", she said as she screamed.

Back to Landon's apartment, Landon and Genevieve got back and she said, "Well, I had a nice night." "Me too", he said. "Goodnight." "Goodnight", she said as he was about to enter his apartment and she said, "Herbert, I love you." She and Landon kissed and went in to his apartment.

Back to the Kingpin's hideout, Dr. Octopus said, "Kingpin, we give you, the Black Cat." "Hello",said Felicia as she became the Black Cat.

Chapter 8


Landon arrived at the Maury studio when he saw five women were brutally attacked by their husbands, fiances, or boyfriends, and he joined them.

"You the first man who you were brutally attacked by a criminal?" said the first brutally attacked woman. "Yes", said Landon as the first brutally attacked woman went on stage and Landon was remembering something.

Weeks earlier, at Landon's apartment that morning, Landon and Genevieve were in bed, they were getting up, and she said, "Good morning." "Good morning", he said as they kissed and she got out of his bed to took a shower.

Landon heard his radio alarm clock and it said:

"Here's just in, Anastasia Hardy was murdered in her apartment last night. Her daughter Felicia Hardy was kidnapped after the murder."

Landon said to himself, "No." Landon got out of his bed.

Later, he and Genevieve got dressed and she asked, "What's wrong?" "Nothing", he said. "Don't blame yourself", she said. "I seen you struggle, we all have, but you are a good man, an honest man. I should go." She kissed him, she walked away from him, and she said, "You're winning Herbert, like always. See you at work." "What happens at work?" he asked. "I'll help you with your press confrence for this Friday"<

she said as she left his apartment.

Afterward, at the Brand Corporation, Landon was still working on his formula for destroying mutants and he finally finished. He said to himself, "Yes! I finally finished." And so, he laughed.

Finally, he went to his office while Genevieve was waiting for him and she asked, "Herbert, are you alright?" "I'm fine", he said. "I'm jbsp; Finally, he went to his office while Genevieve was waiting for him and she asked, "Herbert, are you alright?" "I'm fine", he said. "I'm just finished my formula." "Are you ready to work on a press confrence?" she asked. "Yes", he said as they worked on a press confrence.

Later that night, Landon got home, he heard a phone rings, and he had a phone call.

He answered it and he asked, "Hello?" "Are you Herbert Landon?" asked the man. "Yes, who is this?" he asked. "The Hobgoblin", the man answered. "What do you want?" he asked. "A business, I want one million dollars"< said the Hobgoblin as he hunged up on Landon.

Landon asked to himself, "What to I going to do? I know, I have to go to church and it'll help to get rid all my sins tomorrow."

Chapter 9


The next day, Landon went to the church for his confessions.

"Bless me father, for I was sinned. It's been my lifetime since my last confession", he said. "Sence I was a baby, I was being neglected by my biological parents and my British adoptive parents took care of me after my biological mother was killed by my biological father."

"So, you're German?" asked the priest. "Yes father", he said. "Sounds like the British were very good parents for you my son", said the priest.

"Thank you father", he said.

"And I was also comitted the crimes from Wilson Fisk", he said. "What did he do to you before you comitted those crimes?" the priest asked. "I let nine villains escaped from three prisons and joined Fisk. I made two formulas for created the monsters. One I turned a handicapped man into half human, half mutant, and half cyborg. I gave Fisk a second formula, so he could turned Felicia Hardy into a bad girl. Now tonight, I'll give an evil man to my money before he'll kill me. What should I do?" he finished his confession and asked.

"You must destroy an evil man he wanted you to do", the priest said. "And stay away from Fisk." "what if he'll call me?" he asked. "Tell him you don't work for him anymore", the priest said. "Thank you father", he said. "And the Lord will be with you", the priest said as Landon left the church and went to work.

Later that night, Landon create a bomb briefcase to kill the Hobgoblin and lenbsp; Later that night, Landon create a bomb briefcase to kill the Hobgoblin and left home.

Later, Landon arrived at an abandon warehouse, went in, and said, "It's me. Landon." "Hope you followed your instructions and wouldn't tell Kingpin you double crossing him", said the Hobgoblin. "Don't do that, please. I have no choise. I can't let him have my technology", Landon said. "Oh, spare me with your sob story", the Hobgoblin said. "All right, here's the money", Landon said as he put the briefcase on the floor. "Excellent", the Hobgoblin said. "Now beat it, I want to be alone with all my favorite presidents." As Landon ran out of the warehouse, he pressed the buttons on his watch, and said, "I'm sorry, you gave me no choise." And so, the warehouse exploded, he back to his limo, and drove off.

"Nice try bucko", the Hobgoblin said. "When the price of my silence, just went up."

Landon looked back, he heard a phone rang, and asked, "Hello?" "Landon!" said and it was Kingpin. "Yes?' he asked. "My informates tellme you left the Brand Corporation, permissite", the Kingpin said. "Kingpin, are you spying on me?" Landon asked. "Of course, I like to close eye on my investmates. You should be working and bringing me faster results", the Kingpin said. "My work is going fine. Come to my press confrence yourself, or sending one of your informates. I'm no longer working with you", Landon as he hung up on Kingpin.

Later, he arrived at the Brand Corporation, Genevieve was waiting outside, he got out of his limo, and she said,"Everything is for the press confrence Herbert."

"Good work Genevieve", he said as they entered the building. "Herbert, are you sure you go for the genetic breakthroughs?" she asked. "I like the delays and my creep invester is reasure"< he said as they entered their lab and he said,"To get off my back, I'll share some of my pilliums for the press for now, but my real work, for the good of mankind, whenI finish perform one final test."

Chapter 10


The next day, at the outside of the auditorium, Felicia was talking to Peter, and said, "Brand Corporation is a huge success for breakthroughs and genetic research." "That's what I heard", Peter said. "You don't think you bring the mutants to presentation do you? I don't get to the miles of those freaks", Felicia said. "I'm surprised at you Felicia. Really surprised", he said as he ran away from her and she said to herself, "Mutant lover."

In the auditorium, Peter sat down as the annoucer said, "I now present, Herbert Landon from the Brand Corporation."

Landon went on stage and said, "Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Thank you. Today I standard the dawning of the new age, an understanding genetic factors, and create the mutant stray. As most of you know, DNA, a stockfers has every human and animal cell, contains the code, for all physical trins. Encationly, the strain is needly imperfect, and called the result, mutantcy. Because of all complecity is mind mutant side of the strains, scientists are able to destroy mutant DNA,until now. Thanks to the newest super computers, we of the Brand Corporation are the burge of the greatest discoveries..."

Until the Hobgoblin was interupted his speech and said, "Surprised Landon? Don't be, there's no way can hide from me." As the crowd evacuated and the Hobgoblin said, "Please, you don't think you fall for exploding warehouse trick, did you?" He grabbed Landon by his jacket and he asked, "What kind of fool you take me for?" "I don't think I don't call a person a fool", said Spider-Man as he got Landon and put on the floor on his feet and Spider-Man said to him, "I'll take care of him."

As Landon watched Spider-Man battled the Hobgoblin for two minutes, until the Hobgolbin exploded the ceiling and said to Landon, "Remember Landon, we still got our arrangements." As the Hobgoblin left, Spider-Man tried to put a ceiling back together as long the crowd get out.

Landon ran toward Genevieve and said, "We must leave." "But we have to help him. He risks your life to save you", she said. "There's nothing we can do", he said as he ran out of the auditorium.

Outside, the helicopter was still there and on, Landon got on and he asked, "Where's Ms. St. Clair?" As Genevieve got out the wreckage, she got on, and he said, "Genevieve." "Are you alright?' she asked as the helicopter went through the air and he asked, "And you?" "Yes", she said. "Who was that man trying to kill you?" "That was the Hobgoblin", he said. "I'll explain it later." And so, they went back to the Brand Corporation.

Chapter 11


At the Brand Corporation,the man was in the electrical cage, and it was Hank McCoy (a. k. a. Beast).

He woke up, found out he was kidnapped, and asked to himself, "What?" As he touched the bars and he was almost electricuted.

"I wouldn't try that again", Landon said. "We now increasing the voltage." "Landon, what is the meaning of this?" Beast asked.

"Can you guess, don't you remember we worked together after those years ago, Dr. Hank McCoy? You remember how terrible for finding the cure for your mutantcy. So terrible you risk to destroy yourself in your process", Landon said.

"That was a lifetime ago, I changed the great deal just then", Beast said.

"Actully, you one of them now. You changed alright, but I haven't. I attend to research you began to destroy all mutants", Landon said.

"Herbert, this is suicide, you can't be serious", Beast said.

"Oh no? This chemical was designed by me to reduce the your mutant DNA, and turned into nothingness. It'll make your mutant cells turn destroying magnetic bodied. The human race eill be purevide once more and it'll make sure it works and I"m going to tested on you, my true blue friend", Landon said as he pressed a button of his remote control and the cage moved to on top of Landon's experiment.

"Soon, you'll turnede into a hairy animal", Landon said as he laughed.

Chapter 12


At the Maury studio, Landon watched a first brutally attacked woman interviewed with maury and he remembered he was at the Brand Corporation, tried to destroy Beast, and he heard an alarm.

At the Brand Corporation, weeks earlier, Landon saw a scratch on television, he knew some one destroyed a security camera.

"What's going on, Lewald?" he asked. "Intruders sir", Lewald said. "Area 3." Landon pressed the buttons from the security cameras, Genevieve saw Spider-Man and Wolverine, fighting on T. V., and said, "There they are." Landon saw Spider-Man and Wolverine and said, "Mutants. Actuvate on missules launches and turn off those alarms."

The missules were lauched to these two heroes and Lewald said, "Missules locked on target." "Blast that mutant scum into dust", Landon said.

Outside, Spider-Man and Wolverine were still fighting and Spider-Man said, "get out of my way." Until he sences and he said, "Spider sence, danger." As he grabbed Wolverine as they escaped the missules.

Spider-Man said, "Let me take a look..." "Don't bother, I heal real quick", said Wolverine. "Mutants heal by themselves, I'm impressed", said Spider-Man said. "I'm not here to impress you, where's Beast?" Wolverine asked. "I told you I don't know, he told me about this place..." Spider-Man said.

The Hobgoblin was on the air and said, "Well, well, they didn't die. In that case, no one will standing in my way." As the Hobgoblin flew away.

On the ground, Wolverine asked Spider-man, "So, what's up that guy with a Halloween costume?" "He told me about secret agenda, to destroy all mutants", Spider-Man said. "I'm going to figure out for myself and you're coming with me. If you're lying, you'll deranged spider pal", Wolverine said. "I get the picture Wolvey", Spider-Man. "Have you seen a manicure about those things?"

Chapter 13


Back to the Brand Corporation, Landon asked Lewald, "Where are they?" "They got away sir", Lewald said. "Then find them, they can't be allow to disrupt my experiment", Landon said as he left his lab and went to the other room.

In the other room, Landon said to himself, "God forgive me. I have to destroy my only friend."

Landon heard his cell phone from his pocket of his jacket, he picked it out, he answered it , and said, "Dr. Landon speaking."

It was hid adoptive mother, Martha, arrived in New York, at the Plaza Hotel, and said, "Herbert, this is your mother speaking."

"Hello mother", Landon said.

"So, how is the Brand Corporation?" she asked.

"It was fine", he said. "What are you doing in New York?"

"Well, I just got here, thought you were home sick", she said.

"Well, I'm not, I was very busy right now", he said.

"Well, at least you were working hard then", she said.

"Well, I am", he said.

Genevieve walked in the other room where he went.

"I got to go", he said. "I have to get back to work. So, I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yes", she said. "I love you."

"I love you too, mother", he said.

"Bye", she said. "Bye", he said as he hung up.

Genevieve asked, "Who was it?" "It was my adoptive mother", he said. "Why?" "I'm just wondering", she said.

"What's wrong?" he asked. "Nothing", she said. "I have to give you this", he said as he gave her his cell phone. "If everything happened to me or I'm in the hospital, call my adoptive mother." "All right", she said as they kissed.

"Ready get back to work?" he asked. "Yes", she said as they went back to their lab to finished their job.