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This section contains facts on Spider-Man the Animated Series that you might not have known. Feel free to sumbit some yourself.

Last Updated: 9-6-04

-Christopher Daniel Barnes also provided the voice of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid, and he is rumored to have been the original voice of Captain Planet on Captain Planet and the Planeteers.

-Spider-Man was the top rated show in Germany, Portugal and Spain. In the U.K., the premiere episodes averaged 2.5 million viewers. In early 1996, the show was launched in Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Russia, Scandinavia and South Africa, and it became a hit in those countries as well.

-The show's original plan never included the Green Goblin? Norman Osborn was originally going to become the Hobgoblin until the idea was finally scrapped.

-Aunt May was originally supposed to have a cat named Warren?

-There have been three different comic book series based on Spider-Man: The Animated Series: Spider-Man Adventures, Adventures of Spider-Man, and Marvel Adventures?

-Crime Central was briefly shown in an episode of the Silver Surfer cartoon, and an issue of the Daily Bugle was seen in The Avengers?

-John Beard is a real newscaster on the FOX 11 News in Los Angeles, California?

-Julie Bennet replaced Linda Gary as Aunt May because Linda died?

-Spider-Carnage actually appeared in only three Spider-Man comics which were all released in the same month?

-Marv Wolfman who co-wrote "Menace Of Mysterio" wrote Spider-Man comics in the mid-80's?

-The Brand Corporation, which was mentioned quite a bit by Herbert Landon in "Mutant Agenda", was a major player in the 1980 Spider-Man comics?

-Canada and Europe got to see seasons four AND five many months before the United States were allowed to?

-Edward Mulhare (Spencer Smythe) died shortly after "Spider Slayers" premiered, so that's why he never awoke from his suspended animation?

-Neil Ross also did the voice of Norman Osborn on Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends?

-Scott Cleverdon voiced both Michael Pingree and Cletus Kassidy/Carnage?

-FOX aired "The Spot" before "Venom Returns" and "Carnage, confusing viewers everywhere?"

-The SHIELD agent who appeared first in "Day of the Chameleon," Agent 1, was renamed to Agent X following that episode?

-A few people who voiced for the show are currently dead? {A few examples are Brian Keith (Uncle Ben) and Phil Abott (1st Nick Fury)}

-If you look closely whenever a paper is shown, most of the time it'll say, "By: Ned Leeds?"

-Many of the main voice actors from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared on the show? (They are: Cam Clarke (Mister Fantastic) was Leonardo, Townsend Coleman (Young Silvermane) was Michaelangelo, Rob Paulsen (Hydro-Man) was Raphel, and James Avery (Jim Rhodes/War Machine) was Shredder)

-Gregg Berger voiced both Mysterio and Kraven?

-Christopher Daniel Barnes (Peter Parker/Spider-Man) played Greg Brady in the Brady Bunch movie?

-Earl Boen voiced the Red Skull and the Beyonder?

-The same animation company that made Spidey also produced Gargoyles?

-"The Price of Heroism" has a mistake in it, since two scenes with Spidey/Cap/Chameleon/and Red Skull air in the wrong order?

-"Night of the Lizard" aired about 4 months before the rest of the season 1 episodes as a special sneak preview?

-The Hulk and She Hulk were supposed to guest-star on the "Secret Wars" 3 parter, but couldn't due to Hulk's cartoon on UPN?

-FOX aired "The Tablet of Time" and "Ravages of Time" before showing "Blade the Vampire Hunter" and "The Immortal Vampire?"

-Nick Jameson did the voices of Morbius, Richard Fisk, AND Dr. Groitzig?

-The rest of the X-Men (sans Storm) were supposed to guest star on the "Secret Wars" as well, but couldn't since the voice actors live in Canada?

-In "The Final Nightmare," Farley Stillwell's clothes change from his asylum clothes to his laboratory clothes in a matter of frames?

-Ed Asner (Jameson) got the role of Jonah since he became famous for his role of Lou Grant, the television/news editor, on the Mary Tyler Moore show?

-3 different actresses voiced Anatastia Hardy?

-Many episodes of the show were written, past 65, but only 65 could be animated?

-Felicia Hardy was used instead of Gwen Stacy because the writers didn't want people to get to know someone who had been dead for 20 years and who would have had to eventually die?

-The FOX censors wouldn't allow Spider-Man to actually throw a punch at someone?

-The Chameleon (on the show) never spoke in his own voice?

-John Semper wrote the "Six Forgotten Warriors" 5 parter all by himself?

-The X-Men storyline from season 2 was based upon a storyline that appeared in the Spider-Man daily comic strip?

-Many writers who wrote Spider-Man in the comics wrote for the show? (Examples: Stan Lee, J.M. Demattis, and Gerry Conway)

-It was never intended at all for Black Cat to ever learn that Peter Parker was Spider-Man (and vice versa) ?

-Madame Web dropped a clue in "Carnage" about what Spidey was training for? (Spidey asked what he was being trained for, and she said, "A horror! A horror BEYOND belief!")

-Quinton Flynn was the only person from the Fantastic Four cartoon of the 90s who was able to voice his character (Human Torch) on Spidey?

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