DRG4's Iron Man: TAS Season 2 Episode Guide

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The Beast Within
(Episode 14)

Force Works disbands.

Fire and Rain
(Episode 15)

Firebrand starts some fires.

Cell of Iron
(Episode 16)

Iron Man VS An old man.

Not Far From
the Tree

(Episode 17)

Walter Stark is alive?

Beauty Knows No

(Episode 18)

Madame Masque makes her debut.

Iron Man, On
the Inside

(Episode 19)

Iron Man enters Hawkeye's body.

Distant Boundaries
(Episode 20)

Dark Aegis causes galactic trouble.

Armor Wars, Part 1
(Episode 21)

Iron Man VS Everybody.

Armor Wars, Part 2
(Episode 22)

Iron Man VS Firepower.

(Episode 23)

Clip-show alert.

(Episode 24)

The Hulk guest-stars.

Hands of the Mandarin,
Part 1

(Episode 25)

The Mandarin strikes.

Hands of the Mandarin,
Part 2

(Episode 26)

The final episode.

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