DRG4's Fantastic Four: TAS Season 2 Episode Guide

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And a Blindman Shall
Lead Them

(Episode 14)

Daredevil guest-stars.

And The Wind Cries

(Episode 15)

The Frightful Four strikes.

The Inhumans Among

(Episode 16)

What are the Inhumans?

Beware The Hidden

(Episode 17)

Maximus the Mad must be stopped.

World Within Worlds
(Episode 18)

Psycho-Man and Malice go crazy.

To Battle The Living

(Episode 19)

Thor guest-stars.

Prey of the Black Panther
(Episode 20)

The Black Panther VS Klaw.

When Calls Galactus
(Episode 21)

Galactus gets sick.

Nightmare In Green
(Episode 22)

The Hulk guest-stars.

Behold, A Distant Star
(Episode 23)

The Skrulls wage war.

Hopelessly Impossible
(Episode 24)

Clip-show alert.

The Sentry Sinister
(Episode 25)

The Inhumans are freed.

(Episode 26)

The final episode.

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